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Friday, April 08, 2016 Nicole Styles

Chokers have been my biggest obsession during these last 2 months because they come in so many shapes,sizes, and colors. Now as trendy as I am, I like items that are slightly different from the rest. I love chokers, but I want one that is a little out of the ordinary. So I went Sugar Bean Jewelry to get exactly what I wanted.

I have seen chokers that are bejeweled, colored, stacked, layered, and any other look you can possibly think of . But I haven't seen self-tying choker, like Sugar Bean Jewelry's  Horn Bolo Necklace (shown on the model) or their Feather Bolo. I really like how you can wear it in any way you like. You can wrap it tightly around you neck, making a choker, like Adina, my model ( I wrapped it about 3 times around her to get it that short). Or you can wrap it around once or twice to get a longer necklace/choker.  This choker/necklace is perfect for festival season or summer in general. I just hope the weather warms and brightens up in the Chi by June/July. 

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