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A Travelers Honeymoon - Off to Tokyo!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Ashley

After months of planning and hours of packing, and repacking, I am waiting in Chicago's O'hare Airport  to get on my flight to Narita International Airport - Tokyo to start my honeymoon. My trip is going to span over 3 and a half weeks, with 3 days in Paris, France. Ten days traveling Italy, a few layovers in Moscow, Russia and the rest of the time traveling around Japan.

It is so exciting to see all of the luggage go onto the plane, am I the only one that watches to see if I can see my stuff go on?

It is horrible passing all the nice seats, first class and business class where they have their own slippers, sleeping masks and seats that turn into beds.

Found my seat and got all settled in and can not wait to get to see my husband again. He has been stationed in Yokouska, Japan for almost two years now. Now, we get to travel Europe together. I'll keep blogging as I go, for now a 15 hour flight across half the world.

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