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A Travelers Honeymoon: Feel the Force

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Ashley

Best Flight Ever! While I was waiting in line to board the plane I noticed the first unusual thing, there was only one other person in the Economy line with me. Then I heard the Star Wars theme song playing when I stepped into the plane. I did not think too much of it and went to find my seat. When I got to my seat I learned I was on a Star Wars Plane the head covers on the plane had BB 8 on them, and so did the actual plane.

Full disclosure, I had no idea that the plane was decorated until we landed. I was super confused when we were leaving O'hare and everyone was taking pictures of the plane.

Reason two for this being an awesome flight was that it was completely empty in my Economy section there was only 7 other people, which allowed for me to go over to a middle section and lay across four chairs to sleep. This also allowed for no bathroom lines, crawling over people and all the overhead cabin space you could want.

When they woke us up for dinner we had the choice to have either an "International Meal" or Japanese I went for the Japanese and had a surprisingly good Shrimp Tempura and Soba and Haagen Dazs Ice Cream.

A visitor came onto the plane when we were about to land, and passed candy and bananas out to everyone. "Feel The Force!" - Yoda

Finally, after a long flight I was reunited with my husband and ready to set out on our Honeymoon. 

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