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March Letter from the Editor

Tuesday, March 01, 2016 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Welcome to March readers! Chicago has done a great job of teasing us with this mild winter, but Mother nature isn't going out without a fight. It's typical Chicago, one last cold hurrah before the fierce winds of winter cease and the ice melts revealing the beauty of the urban springtime. We will survive the cold, we do every single year. I'm just looking forward to that warm up we keep hearing about that will actually last!

This month is a special one. We celebrate our 4 year anniversary since the launch of Halfstack. It's been an amazing ride working on this blog and our publication over the years. What started out as a handful of people working alongside me has grown 20+ creative visionaries helping me to bring to life our ideas through our quarterly issues and weekly content on this site. We are truly in a season of transformation as new writers, youtubers and creatives continue to join our roster. It's exciting to see the growth and even more exciting to see young visionaries sharing their thoughts, ideas and creative expression with all of you. You can meet and learn more about them HERE.

It's crazy to think that four years ago, we launched this zine with just the idea of featuring our favorite brands and highlighting our friends who were doing amazing things in their consecutive fields. Who remembers this feature on Chicago Rapper: Show You Suck AKA Clinton Sandifer? Clinton is a buddy from college who is blowing up today! It's even crazier to see how our style has developed and how the people we work with continue to grow and move on to success! Models who get signed, musicians who get air play; my goal for us to be curators of underground, growing and developing artists, musicians, creatives and businesses continues to move us forward. We get to spotlight the up and comers and see them grow in success. It's an amazing feeling. Check out our very first issue HERE.

This month, we release our Anniversary issue. It's our 16th issue and it is a testament to the direction we are going in as an independent publication and the growth we are seeing as a team. This issue is dedicated to the theme of survival and in conjunction many of the articles and posts you will see this month relate back to this theme. Our focus on survival will showcase some amazing stories and pieces about overcoming obstacles, making a difference and just making it through this crazy world. We release our next issue in just 2 short weeks and I don't want to give away too much. I typically share a sneak peek of our cover in this months letter from the editor, but I am keeping it a secret this time around. It's beautiful, strong and moving just like the woman we are featuring. Laura's photography truly moves for this feature and the story is a true testament to the idea of survival.

Thank you again for reading! We are still recruiting for writers and always on the hunt for fresh talent to share! If you are interested in having your work featured, contributing or becoming one of our youtube influencers  - send us a pitch, a writing sample or link to your youtube channel and a resume with a quick note telling us why you are interested in working with us! You can email us at:

Jen Lezan
Editor in Chief

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