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Let Me See That Sushi Roll! / Sushi Making at Arami

Saturday, March 12, 2016 Perry

Growing up, my mom was always whipping up something new in the kitchen.  Calamari, escargot and pad thai were a few of her favorite, out of the norm things to make and send me and my sister off to school with in our lunch bags. 

For Super Bowl parties or just a Sunday Funday at home, she would get out the deep fryer and make egg rolls and crab wantons.  But, my favorite thing to watch her concoct was homemade sushi!  For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed eating sushi, so when I was invited to a sushi making class at Arami, a contemporary Japanese restaurant in West Town, I was thrilled to brush up on my skills!

The class was taught in a group setting, at a large table, in a private room in the back of the restaurant.  Each seat was set with a cutting board and all of the sushi making essentials.  Chef Nelson Vinansaca took us step-by-step through making two different types of rolls, including the proper way to spread rice onto the seaweed papers.  Even though I had made sushi before, I was surprised by the helpful sushi making tricks I learned!  (I was also surprised by how ugly my sushi turned out, but that's besides the point.)

 The class was a fun and unique way to spend an evening out for dinner.  I would definitely book another class with a group of friends or for my next birthday party!  To book a class, check out the Arami website for upcoming class dates. 

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