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Lash Extension's... The Facts

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Michelle Landriault

Getting lash extensions was something I always wanted, however, once you have a bad experience these things can be terrifying.  I had some lash extensions done a few years back, and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I did it at a nail salon, and I couldn't stand them... I never wanted them ever ever again. So, when all my friends were talking about this new Amazing Lash Studio in town, I was so interested and scared at the same time. 
So, with the beauty of the internet, I reached out to Angela Hilgedicktheir corporate Lash Training Specialist to get some tough questions answered. Are you ready for some lash insight? I was so pumped to be talking to the woman with all the answers. I had so many...

How do you Care for them? Washing your lashes this is key, you will get an aftercare brochure as well... and they will go over everything with you before you leave. So you will hear all about this later, but here are a couple tips for your lashes to look better longer.
What is it? These are Synthetic lashes that they bond individually to each one of your lashes. They are attached and bonded not at the lash line, but close to your lash line, and will fall out with your natural shedding of your lash cycle. They also have mink lashes available which are a lighter formula, and are harvested and collected from the animals after its shed. 
What if you don't want to do the monthly maintenance program? There are non membership rates for anyone who doesn't wish to be apart of the monthly terms of the agreement. I can tell you though, the monthly agreement is MUCH cheaper, its almost 40% off the regular rates if you do the program. 

How long do they last?  Depending on your natural lash cycle, they can last 4-6 weeks or longer. Every 3 to 4 weeks is a good standard for refills. It all depends on how you take care of them, and how hard you are on your lashes. 
How much? So here's the deal, if you sign up for the membership (which is a yearly rate lock in) your initial application of your first full set its $79.99. After that you can get a fill every month for $59.99 with your monthly maintenance program. The good thing is there are no contracts involved. You can cancel at anytime and/or freeze your account if you know you're not going to be using the service for a few months. 
How Do I care for them? Washing your lashes is key, they need to be washed just like the hair on your head. Well, not exactly like that, but you know what I mean. They will give you a brochure before you leave with all the aftercare instructions, as well as go over it with you before you leave. Here are some helpful tips though from my experience!
  1. Use dial foaming antibacterial hand soap to wash your lashes day and night lightly with the foam. You can also use any oil free cleanser if you'd like.
  1. Use you lash brush to comb through your lashes and keep them free of debris
  1. Use Water based makeup and around the eye area. Stay away from Oil Based products
  1. Avoid waterproof makeup around the eyes, mascara and liners.
  1. In the first 48 hours don't get your lashes wet, you can shower but don't fully submerge yourself in water.
  1. Try to not sleep so hard on them, I'm not a light sleeper so I learned this the hard way. Mine lasted forever, however I feel like I would have more balanced wear had I tried to not sleep on them more. 
  1. You can still use makeup, they just suggest to use oil free makeup and non waterproof makeup.

**In the first 48 hours your lashes are also more vulnerable to sweat, touching them, and a little more weak as the glue is REALLY drying. What I mean is, when you leave your glue will be dry, however, as the next 48 hours goes on it continues to really set in. So, in that time-frame just avoid doing crazy sweat-filled workouts like hot yoga or something to that nature. 

What if I wear contacts? So what! It's perfect for contact lenses wearers. Just don't wear them when you come in for your first full set. It's hard to leave them in at application due to the amount of time that you have your eyes closed. I personally wore my glasses that day, it was way more comfortable for me.
Does the Glue effect your eye at all? Absolutely not! The glue/adhesive never touches your skin. Through application technique and training the stylist are shown the perfect place to  put the lashes. The lashes are placed far enough from the skin where there will be no irritations, and on each individual lash so that there is no un-natural breakage. Sometimes the fumes from the adhesive can cause a slight discomfort, however I didn't experience this.  There is a sensitive glue option as well, I didn't choose this because I didn't need it, and I do have some watery sensitive eyes at times. This glue doesn't last as long as well, so I would just tell your stylist you sometimes notice some discomfort, she will know what to do.  
Does the glue or lashes effect your natural lashes? No, its all perceptive. Basically as your natural lashes shed the extensions attached to them will fall with it, therefore your going to notice a difference since those long full lashes are gone... But none of this will effect your natural lashes and its re-growth, with the proper application. 
How do I know what style will look good on me? There are a couple styles to chose from, your stylist will help you based on your consultation. Do you lean more toward cat eye looks, or how do you do your makeup on a regular basis? These things will help you. I ended up picking the Gorgeous one, I loved it!
Random Facts about the Amazing Lash Studio/ Things I should know? The lovely ladies that work for Amazing Lash Studio are all trained professional cosmetologists. My gal was Drea (who was absolutely amazing I'll never go see anyone else) is an esthetician, and also told me some great skincare techniques while I was there too! I would also suggest if you feel ANY discomfort what so ever let your stylist know, come back in for any adjustments as needed, sometimes the lashes can grow at separate times and might pull on each other. I think I might have experienced this a bit, I'll let you know all about my experience in the next blog, so watch out for that! 
**Disclaimer this interview was translated to text, so the words are not exactly Angela's. I took what she said and transcribed it into the article, based on my own personal experiance

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