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How To Style A Vest

Friday, March 04, 2016 Emily Ehardt Blog

Hello readers and fashion aficionados, alike! Today, on Half Stack, I am sharing styling tips on how to style a vest. Vests are having a huge moment, whether they be classic, edgy, feminine, or any other kind of style. The picture below illustrates an edgy and trendy version, since the moto cut is edgy and the material, suede, is trendy for the spring season. Scroll down for tips on how to buy and style a vest:

1. Choose a structured vest for a more professional and a stronger look or a vest that is thinner and softer for a more so feminine and bohemian style.

2. Find the right color, material, and/ or print for the look you are trying to achieve. For example, a camel brown colored suede vest, like the one above, exudes an edgy, yet trendy mix.

3. Look for proper detailing that speaks to you. Zippers, fringe, and other embellishments give a vest, and any piece for that matter, a personal touch. Plus, these add ons are the little details that make the look put together.

4. Try a vest over your favorite jeans and t-shirt combination or with a fitted dress. You can pair vests with anything from the most casual of your outfits to fancier ones. A vest just incorporates another layer into your look to give it a jolt of personality.

5. Visit for even more styling tips and tricks featuring the vest pictured above. Also, be sure to follow Emily Ehardt Blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, along with Half Stack Mag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stay Classy!
---Emily Ehardt---

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