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Saturday, March 12, 2016 Nicole Styles

Being from a Nigerian descendant,  I miss their prints. I cannot find native African prints or even African wax print clothing in the US. If I want these prints I would have to ask my grandparents to send me some. This gets tricky because everything is tailored made (which is nice but a timely process). So they usually send the fabric; However, if you're super busy like me, when do you have time to sew? That is why I'm so excited to introduce SoTribal Clothing because brings me a little piece of home.

In Nigeria, prints are everywhere. The coolest part of the prints is that every print is hand made. No print looks the same, even if the prints use the same colors. That way, each garment is uniquely yours. Obviously, you don't need to be African to enjoy these prints. If you are looking for new unique prints I would go to SoTribal Clothing.  My model, Yamen, is wearing his
Ankara Chambray shirt and Kente Chambray short sleeve shirt in a small. 

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