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Brands with A Heart: Fosterie

Sunday, March 27, 2016 Denise G

I love great accessories as much as the next girl, but what's better than eye-catching arm-candies? Giving back every time you buy. I am privileged enough to be able to share with you another Brand with A Heart. Everything from the name of the company to free shipping to save you money, this company has caring and sharing written all over them.

I love the dainty look of the bracelets and the different colors inspired by travel. The look of these wonderful accessories are not the only thing to love about them; I also love what it stands for. For every product they sell, portions of the earning go to different causes that help empower women. Talk about girl power.

I encourage you to check out their store to find something that will speak to you. Your bracelet is going to be a constant reminder of the good deed you have done and hopefully encourage you to do more good deeds every time you look at it.

Fosterie has recently joined forces with My Favorite Outfit for a very special bracelet.  It’s even more amazing because My Favorite Outfu is based in Chicago.  This is how it works: the organization empowers disadvantaged girls through self-esteem building and clothing donations in their signature pop-up boutiques, which happens at local area schools. All the boutique items are gently used and the girls earn the opportunity to "shop" for free through academic incentives like grade improvements, etc.

It’s a wonderful concept to encourage girls and help them develop themselves. Proceeds from the sale of this bracelet will be in their benefit. 

Tell us about the charities you choose to help. How do you choose the charity that you help? 

Though I started with one charity, I've recently expanded to three. Starting out, I wanted to partner with a group that had an international reach for assisting in global needs, whether disaster related, long term improvements, or empowering communities. After an extensive search with nothing feeling quite right I stumbled upon Heart to Heart International. When I read their story I knew it was "the one" so I reached out and they were very welcoming to the idea. The second partnership came about when the founder of Chicago based My Favorite Outfit contacted me with the idea of a special edition bracelet. Aside from instantly falling for their mission, as soon as I saw the colorful logo on their website, I knew just the one. The colors and fun look coordinate perfectly with their aesthetic and mission of helping building self-confidence in school girls through earning to the chance to "shop" via educational and behavioral incentives. It's really an amazing idea!  For both of these groups, 10% of each sale of particular products is donated to their causes. The third partnership came about most recently, after discovering the latest item to join the Fosterie family - bright and beautiful Mochila bags, which are sourced from the Wayuu Tribe in Colombia. The Wayuu women use a centuries old weaving technique and the patterns are inspired by their surroundings. They are part of an indigenous tribe that live in the La Guijara desert and are separated geographically and culturally from the rest of the country, which means there are often droughts and aid is not always readily available. I was moved by the history of the group and decided to donated $5 from the sale of each bag to a local branch of Unicef providing assistance to that area. Each partnership came about differently but the underlying theme is that I was moved by the stories and I feel deeply connected to each one. I'm not actively seeking new causes, but I'm always open to others that may come along. 
What are the plans that you have for Fosterie? Where do you see your company in 5-10 years?

When I started FOSTERIE, it was my first effort at a business with nothing to fall back on, (ie. corporate job), which has motivated me in an entirely different way. There was a time when I would have answered this question with a perfectly laid out agenda as I'm typically a list maker and a planner, but after nearly a year of living like a nomad, I'm much more comfortable with embracing the moment and trusting the process, which has become a positive change for me personally and professionally. So far, I've been incredibly lucky with what's transpired and my daily goals are to continue discovering amazing products through our travels, being inspired by people and places, and sharing those stories through my shop. Growth-wise, I'm planning to keep expanding the assortment, adding more locally designed and sourced products, and focus on becoming a resource for cause-conscious consumers. I'm passionate about the fashion industry, as it's always been a hobby and a career, and my ideal is to create a community where fashion and compassion come together. A specific short term goal is to be able to say we've donated over $5,000 to charity. And a long term goal would be the same, just a much higher number! So far, focusing on the overall purpose has helped business plans better fall into place. 

Best place you’ve traveled to so far and why?
This is such a tough question for me! There are so many amazing places that have left an impact on my heart and I always feel guilty choosing just one. It's actually easier for me to pick favorites by category.... Mexico for food, Thailand for color, Hong Kong for shopping, Colombia for kindness, just to name a few! 

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