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Ask Jen Gordon: Overcoming depression

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Jen Gordon

This is a question I recently received from a woman seeking advice about her challenges with depression.

"Ever since I can remember I have struggled with feelings of anxiety and depression. I find it difficult to be joyful about the things in life that used to make me happy. I have a nagging feeling that something is just not right. I get prescribed anti-depression medication that takes the edge off, but I don’t fully feel myself.

My question is, can you help me find a way not to feel so anxious and depressed? I would like to stop relying on medication."
- Down and Out

 Hi Down and Out  –

Yes, yes, yes is the answer. There is a way to remove your fear and anxiety and pain. Most people lump a bunch of dis-ease into one enormous feeling of depression. Often the negative feelings we have about various situations roll-up into one gigantic feeling of heaviness. Then it just becomes too overwhelming to see beyond.

I have a fellow colleague that calls this the sludge pile. So, the way to get around feelings of the sludge pile clouding your reality, your inner-being and your consciousness is simply not to focus on it.

Now, this feeling of sludge has been around you for a long time, so you have let this unwelcome friend get close to you and get so familiar that you have allowed it to make itself at home. You might have even gotten comfortable and reliant on the discomfort and dis-ease.

With the awareness that you have been focusing on a particular feeling of heaviness and depression and dis-ease for a long time you can identify that feeling, acknowledge it and use your personal power to create to separate yourself from it. You can send it away by pivoting off of the feeling into a new and opposite feeling that you choose to replace it with.

You may say to yourself, how could I replace it with a feeling of clarity, openness, expansiveness, lightness and joy if those feelings or situations are not evident in my life. What do I have to feel, light, clear and excited about if x,y,z, f and g negative things are going on that suck.

The answer is to focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. You might not have these things yet, but when you focus on what you want your depression has no place. When you focus on what you want it is pure potential and you can draw what you want to you. You begin to see what you want and feel what you want and let it sink inside you.

This is a dramatic shift, it seems simple. But if you did an audit of your inner thoughts you would notice how much you stew in your problems and the things that bother you, which is what you don’t want. And so what you don’t want perpetuates.

Let me give you some examples of pivoting:

I feel so crappy, I wish I had more energy. Pivots to: I am so glad I have more energy, I want to feel happy. I want to feel joyful and alive. I feel happy and alive. I am going to do something that makes me feel happy.

I feel so helpless to change my current circumstances. I hate this feeling. Pivots to: I want to feel powerful, I am so happy that I can change my life. I want to experience a new way of being right now. I have the power to change. I have the power to create my life.

Life is draining, I don’t even know why I keep going through the motions. Pivots to: I want life to be fun and exciting. I can chose fun and excitement in my life. I want to experience more joy. I am going to do something right now that brings me feelings of joy. I am going to think of something now that makes me happy.

This is not complex, but it takes focus and it takes the discipline and awareness of rerouting your feelings. It is possible to do this. You can take control of your life today. There is no need to spend another day worrying about depression.

Change your focus and shift it to what you want and not on your problems and your perception of reality will change. You will become what you want and have the things that you want.

You have the power to create a life of your choosing. You are very powerful. Take the first step.

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