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Winter Feature: Ashley Lauren Artist on the Rise

Monday, February 01, 2016 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Multi-talented as a description is an understatement when it comes to Ashley Lauren, a young creative woman on a mission to change the world. She’s an artist in the full definition of the word. Her activism inspires her music, her music inspires her photography and her work inspires way she sees the world.

Her soul has transformed in the process of pursuing her latest projects: Warrior Rebirth and State Your Vision. Her energy is infectious and her mission is clear. She isn’t here to just share her work; she takes an active role in the world around her to ensure she can leave it better than she found it. 

As an artist advocate for “Project AK:47” an organization based in Nashville with the director in the Philippines, she is helping to save child soldiers from war. Along with Project Ak:47, she is also working with the INK Foundation, helping to save and house human trafficking survivors in India. Ashley took some time out of her busy schedule to talk with me about her current projects.

Read the entire feature and interview in the Winter Issue of Halfstack HERE

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