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When You Question Your Identity

Saturday, February 27, 2016 Rachael Stewart

Throughout our lives, we grow, we change, we become our own person. We all face struggles with finding who we really are and it can be so difficult when we feel that sense of being lost. I know personally, I have battled for years with finding myself. I know what I like, but what I like is not what other people like. I want to act a certain way, but society tells me that it's wrong. I want to be purely genuine, but there is doubt telling me that my genuine self is not good enough. I've felt so lost after spending so much time trying to find myself in the context of what other people like. I didn't know who I was.


I'm in my third year of college now and I know I still have so much discovery left, but I'm thankful for how much I have already discovered. In high school there is the constant pressure to fit in. If you weren't "popular" who were you? If you didn't have a boyfriend, were you unwanted? If you didn't fit into the mold that everyone else fit into, were you a reject? It was during these times, and my first two years of college, that I struggled the most to find who I was. As I said before, my identity was not my own. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be popular. I wanted to fit in. I thought these things were what brought happiness and I chased and chased and chased after them so much that I forgot to stop and take a look in the mirror and see the reflection of the girl looking back. Did I truly want these things, or did I feel like I had to have them to belong? 

Ladies and gentlemen,  I am here to tell you that all of the things that people say you should be like are.....FALSE. People will try to put you into a box that is either way too small or too big for you. I have good news though. There is a way to find the right sized box. Through my journey of self discovery, there was one constant and one who loved me unconditionally: God. When I questioned my worth when boys walked right past me, God told me I was beautiful and worthy of a wonderful man who would love me so much. When I felt like I didn't fit in with the "popular" kids, God was there to remind me that my life is not meant to please them. He showed me that if I live for Him and love Him, that I will find who I am supposed to be. When I was lost in the storm, I felt His gentle touch saying that I was made for so much than trivial things of the world.

Y'all, our identity is in Christ. We were not made to worry about whether or not we will be asked to prom, if we fit in, if we are keeping up with the standards of the world. No. We were made to stand out. We were made to stand up. We were made to stand against unrighteousness. Our identity is that of God's love. Our identity is the light that God shines onto the earth. Our identity is to love others as He first loved us. So, brothers and sisters, I struggle along side of you with this, but let's never forget that our identity belongs to the one who loves us unendingly, who cares for us eternally, who had such an amazing plan for us, that He brought us into this world. You are the sons and daughters of the mightiest king to ever exist! Let that be a reminder that you don't need approval of others, but that you have all the approval and love you need if you have it from God. God bless!

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