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Taking a Break Every Now and Then

Wednesday, February 03, 2016 Jennifer Oquendo

It's very important to take some time out for yourself. There's nothing wrong with taking a day off from your busy schedule to take a breather. If you're on a budget and can't splurge on going to an actual spa, why not create your own at home spa day?

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I love to unwind with soft music that makes me calm and relaxed. You can play instrumental music or classical. Taking a nice bubble bath is almost essential for a spa day, plus it just feels so nice! So go ahead and unwind. Candles are so important to me during an at home spa. Actually, candles are important to me any time. I always love lighting them up because of the beautiful smells and how they set the atmosphere. So relaxing!

If you enjoy reading, pick that book you've been meaning to read but have it sitting on your nightstand collecting dust. You can also put up your Ipad, tablet or any source of entertainment and watch some Netflix and Hulu. Catch up on some funny shows that you love or watch a movie you've been wanting to see. Change into comfy clothes and guess what?  It's that time where you don't have to do anything productive. It's a perfect time to bum around and take it easy because your body needs a break from the constant running around. Your mind also needs a timeout.  So sit back, make some tea, put on a moisturizing face mask and relax! A spa is all about you, so do something that you enjoy doing!

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