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Spring Performance at The Mac: Los Lobos with special guests Ballet Folklorico Mexicano

Sunday, February 28, 2016 Jennie Velasco

Before I get into my actual review of the spectacular show I witnessed, I have to get into this brief introduction to perhaps better understand my experience. My entire life was lived in Spanglish.  I had a mix of two cultures, learning about my origins and how my people adapted to living an American Dream.  I often gained my knowledge on this by watching films on Mexican-American culture.  And if you are familiar with movies like this, you'll know that La Bamba was a poignant film that encapsulates the Mexican-American struggle and how the American dream manifests in us.

The good ol' boys from East L.A, legendary known as Los Lobos, came to town to bring back some legendary tunes with some glorious theatrics from the homeland.  THEY PLAYED LA BAMBA TWICE!  Recollections of my childhood all came back to me and may have brought some tears to my eyes.  The band has been celebrating their latest album release, Gates of Gold with a small tour, to which Chicago was the last stop.  They incorporated colorful and historically referenced dances from almost every relevant era associated to their careers.  We heard songs from Just Another Band From Ease L.ALa Pistola y el Corazón, and Good Morning Aztlán.  

Its amazing to think these men have been around for over three decades.  Their performance was energetic, stylish, and organic.  Los Lobos brought forth incredible nostalgia to the audience, and they stopped at nothing to get the crowd to dance.  They surely succeeded.  Their dancers filled the isles and grabbed people to dance, others needed little encouragement.  

These are the things I admire about live performances.  The way they make you feel or the memories that you recall at the sound of a tune.  Art has a way of enhancing a song, so viewing a happy blend of all of these things can make entertainment worth seeing.  The Mac at College of Dupage has a full season of performances lined up for the next few months.  Don't miss what COD has to offer this spring! Visit

Photos courtesy of Jon R Luini

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