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Lunch at The Florentine

Wednesday, February 03, 2016 Perry

It's so easy to get stuck in a what-to-eat-for-lunch rut!  When I am working and don't have time to meal plan the night before, I personally struggle with not ordering the same thing everyday.  The good news is we live in a big city with lots of tasty lunchtime options...the hard part is thinking outside the box and outside your block!

One of my favorite, new-found lunch spots is The Florentine.  Located inside the JW Marriott on Adams, this Italian restaurant offers an amazing lunch menu.  I have always thought of The Florentine as a dinner destination, but after checking it out on a Monday afternoon, I was surprised that it was just as busy as at night!

Chef Zachery Walrath has created a deliciously diverse menu, including pizza, panini and pasta offerings.  A nice change from my usual grab-and-go meals, I was of course thrilled to sample what The Florentine is serving up.  Here are a few of my favorite dishes!

I had never tasted burrata before, but I started by sampling the Local Burrata antipasti, a cream filled mozzarella with roasted beets, citrus, pine nuts, watercress and saba.  The creaminess of the cheese paired with fresh grapefruit, orange and beet slices was a refreshing alternative to a house salad.

I am a huge seafood lover, so I knew I had to try the seared scallops!  Pan seared scallops served with roasted mushrooms, swiss chard, cauliflower puree and topped with tomato relish; this dish is definitely one to be savored.

Even though it's seemingly easy to make, I believe it takes true skill to create a delicious pasta dish.  The Florentine's take on Fusilli, with oxtail ragu, squash, baby kale, and garlic bread crumbs, is hands-down one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted!

While I spend most of my time in the West Loop during the day, it is great to know that just down the street, in The Loop is a place to enjoy a one-of-a-kind meal.  The next time you have an hour to spare for lunch, take a moment to sit down at The Florentine and discover some new favorite dishes! 

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