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Halfstack Highlights Ep. 37: Meet Gerhardt Knodel

Monday, February 01, 2016 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Hey everyone! Welcome to the beginning of our 2016 series! Thank you for all who have listened and downloaded Halfstack Highlights over this past year! This season we are hoping to focus on the theme of explore. Whether that means to explore a new career, art, life journey, or anything that sparks your curiosity. Last season it was all about inspiration, but this season we are looking to go further with that and showcase how people are exploring the opportunities that life presents.

We kick off this new season featuring an interview with artist Gerhardt Knodel who recently released his latest book: What if Textiles - this book gives us a one-of-a-kind look at all aspects of his internationally-renowned contemporary textile art work.. Gerhardt became widely known for creating huge “environments of cloth” – He truly explores how textiles can be seen beyond functional form. In this podcast we really had a wonderful time just talking art and creating. Not just creating for what’s popular and what makes you money, but to also build a body of work and just get really good at what you do.

Images courtesy of Gerhardt Knodel - Photography by: 

Gerhardt brought some amazing insight to our conversation on how the art world has evolved over the last 40 years and the wonders of that as well as the potential pitfalls. Of course we also talked about his book and about his career, which mind you is vast! He went from studying art, to working in education, back to grad school to really figure things out and then onto working in higher education and finally into being a working artist again in the studio. Being able to use his hands and create again has been a beautiful opportunity to take his work to new places. We talk about what originally sparked his career direction and advice he would give young artists today about working in this industry. He keeps it real. Continue listening for the full interview.

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Make sure to check out What if Textiles if you are on the hunt for a cornucopia of a book filled to the brim with inspiration, creativity and beautiful imagery. Not only can you see the evolution of his work, but Gerhardt's showcases his personal collection of textiles collected from all over the world in a beautifully curated manner. He shares intimate thoughts and anecdotes along with a bit of history of each piece. Gerhardt's skill truly shines throughout the pages of this text. He goes beyond the world of artist, creator and maker and leads us through this visual story as a documenter of sorts. He is a collector of indigenous textiles that reflect meaning and craft as well as the ability to inspire and this book truly does inspire.

What if Textiles is not only well curated, but the design is impeccable. The hardcover version of the book is of course bound in a beautiful canvas like textile with a burnout creative design that almost feels a bit like a jacquard fabric. It's luxurious and the perfect addition to your personal creative library or to add a something more robust to your coffee table.

I hope you enjoyed this latest episode of Halfstack highlights! If you’d like to learn more about Gerhardt, visit his site and you can get his book What if Textiles on and while you’re surfing the web make sure to stop by and remember you can keep up with us on social: facebook - instagram - twitter. Thanks for listening!

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