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Filorga Sleep Recover Review // MichelleSwoons

Friday, February 26, 2016 Michelle Landriault

Being a Pro makeup artist and educator I see a lot of women with questions on their skin and how to treat issues they are having. Most of their issues are due to tired looking skin, and I think I found the answer for you.

Over the last few weeks I've been traveling, getting sick, and traveling some more. Needless to say my skin has been paying the price of all my neglect. A few weeks ago I had a brand send me a couple things to try out, and I am soooo glad that this was in the mix.

I've been using Filorga Sleep Recover, you can find yours at Nordstrom's, by the way. This little balm is like having 8 hours of sleep in a bottle. A lot of times the common misconception of skin is just that it looked tired, and dull. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, skin's dull appearance, hollows of the eyes and dark circles... you name it this little fella can fix it.

I was just using this at night slapping it on before bed to a clean face, and I swear to you when I woke up in the morning the difference was measurable on how radiant and clear my skin looked. I didn't look as tired, I didn't look sick...  I noticed around my eyes first, my dark circles were much lighter, and they weren't as hollowed out and "sunken in", which was a plus.

When I used this I noticed a tingly feeling on my skin which actually felt pleasant and cooling. This product retails for $69.00 at and has a great little excerpt of everything that it takes care of while you're sleeping. I give this puppy 2 thumbs up, at this price its worth it to have something in your collection like this. I personally, didn't have many sleep aid types of products so this was new to me, and it really did work!

If you take a look at my skin in this picture below I didn't have any makeup on, I was super sick and filming a video for some other skincare that I've been using. I'll have an updated skincare haul and regime up for you on Halfstacks YouTube this week, but take a look at my skin. I don't look all that bad! I've been incorporating this into my skin care regime for a couple months now, and I look and feel much better about going out fresh faced :)

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