2016 commitment

The Year of Commitment

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 Jennifer Oquendo

Every year we say the same things. "This is the year that I lose weight and work out," or "New year, new me!" While those things can be exciting let's be real for a second. When February or March come around, we are eating everything in sight and saying, "Gym? What gym?" There's nothing wrong with making motivational claims. We just have to learn not to give up on these claims. If you plan on eating healthy this year, do it! Let this be a year of commitment not just claims!

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Commitment and dedication takes a ton of discipline. When you're disciplined to do something, there isn't much desire to do otherwise. If you discipline your body and control it from eating too much sweets, then guess what it doesn't matter if it's a new year because you will eat and be healthy. It's a commitment to change. This goes with everything; being a better person, praying more, going back to school, etc. Any desire and goal that you want to achieve for 2016 takes commitment and dedication which are derived from being disciplined. Be accountable to someone that can truly encourage you when you're at your weakest point in your journey. Be honest and real with that person. Continue working hard towards your goal, just don't quit!

Let this year be a year of change through commitment. Be committed to change. Whatever aspect of your life that needs a turn around, then do it! Turn your life around and change for the better!

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