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The puzzle pieces of you: becoming a powerful creator

Saturday, January 30, 2016 Jen Gordon

Have you seen the movie The Matrix? In the movie, Neo the main character becomes conscious of the fact that he really isn’t living the life he thinks he is.  He is not actually part of the physical matter that he believes makes up the world around him. He is only thinking he is, while his body resides somewhere else.

In some ways this movie is similar to our reality. Although our bodies are matter and are part of the 3D world, we need to wake up and become conscious that our minds and our inner world is creating the outer world around us. We are creating with our inner beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

Knowing this is like Neo waking up from the Matrix! (Sans the nefarious alien plot. The only one programming our matrix is us.)

Another example to explain this lies outside of Hollywood and is more closely related to our world. Think of consciousness like a puzzle, like an enormous picture puzzle with many pieces, and we have the power to take ourselves out of the puzzle.

We can remove ourselves, as a piece of the puzzle, to see what we are creating. We can wake up and take a look around, outside of the framework of the life we are living to observe what we are creating and how we are creating it.

When you visualize yourself as this piece who has awakened, and is removed to see what is going on around you, you can realize that you are not the puzzle. You are the creator of it. And going within you can control what you would like and not like the picture on the puzzle to look like.

This is the activity of becoming conscious, waking up as a conscious creator of your world. 
Your thoughts and feelings are the brush strokes that create images of what you want your picture puzzle to look like. And what you focus on becomes how the puzzle is arranged. What you focus on grows. It creates edges and shapes that become life experience.

This is the inner work that we all need to take ownership of to become conscious creators of our world. And those who understand this are the ones called to practice it and teach others. As we awaken from within and realize our strength and power to create, then we are not at the mercy of the world around us. We can rethink it, and reclaim it.

We are creating the world and not vise versa. 

What we usually do as aware people is look around at the picture puzzle, our world, and say this sucks. Look at this, look at that. Can you believe this, and how can people do that? And we get distracted by the things we do not like. Rather than awaken to create the things we do like and want.

You are a powerful creator of your world. We all are … It is our job in our world to begin to wake up out of our picture puzzle and observe the life we are creating around us. Then we can learn to manipulate it to be the most beautiful, peaceful and lovely picture we can dream it to be.

Using your thoughts and feelings, and ability to focus on what you do want, you can repaint a world that is not only beautiful for you, but more beautiful for others as well.

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