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Monday, January 11, 2016 Olivia Lemley

Rather than taking on the recycled New Years resolutions that never seem to last long, take on something that does proactive things that are bigger than yourself.

FIRST STEP: Visit http://songadesigns.com and explore.
SECOND STEP: Fawn over the exotic jewelry and accessory designs made by dedicated artisans.
THIRD STEP: Gain interest in creating economic independence for under-resourced women in Rwanda.
FOURTH STEP: Add the pieces that caught your eye to your shopping cart, and make them your own!

Hand-crafted and unique are attributes that are not to be overlooked—nor are Songa Designs International accessories. This line represents not only women half way across the world, but it also stands for a healthy environment. The original jewelry and accessories offered by Songa Designs International are all natural and eco-friendly to remind us all that there are bigger things than the latest celebrity drama glorified on Extra. Perhaps our Earth needs a bit more attention than whether or not Lady Gaga meant to bump Leonardo DiCaprio at the Golden Globes.

Brands like Songa are my favorite because every time you accessorize yourself with one of their belts, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, headbands or rings, it comes with a story. A story made out of local up-cycled fabric, recycled paper beads, banana leaf fiber, sisal plant, pewter metal or repurposed cow horn. If repurposed cow horn doesn't scream original, I don't know what does!

You can always count on finding an abundance of statement pieces when your browsing through Songa Designs International, but there are also options for the relaxed, earthy styles such as the Pierre Cuff or the Madeline Belt.

...FIFTH STEP: Don't forget to show off your new, exciting accessories!

The Marchesa Necklace has been all the rave since it was released. It is the perfect cross between vibrant and casual. Whether you choose to pair it with a black sweater and jeans to draw attention to the necklace, or you decide to mix in yellow or orange to your ensemble to accentuate your latest accessory, you will love your purchase!

Upon the start of the New Year, we need to keep in mind how our actions can effect others—whether its for the better or worse. There are unlimited ways to brighten one another's day or support those in need; there just needs to be people who are willing.

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