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Perfectly Petite: 5 Tips for Shopping in the Kid's Section

Friday, January 29, 2016 Emily Ehardt Blog

Happy Friday everyone! I’m sure you are all ready for the weekend ahead, I know I am. Today let’s kick off that weekend with some shopping tips for the petite woman. On Half Stack, as well as my own site,, I will be posting articles and outfits on how you can style garments and how to shop for them when you are petite. I, myself, am petite, so I have a few tips for shopping a section that many would not think to shop in for fashionable pieces that fit well. That section would be the kid’s section. No, I am not joking! Here are my 5 tips to shopping any kids section:

1.      Fit is key! Always make sure the piece you are choosing is not too shrunken looking or too boxy because kids clothing can be cut a little wider and shorter. Don’t fret though because there are a lot of great pieces to be found.

2.      Look for pieces in solid colors or grown up prints. Often times, you will find childish and smaller floral prints, so being able to sift through those to find just the right items will definitely pay off.

3.      Avoid rhinestones and floral appliques, as these read childish and cheap. Instead, look for zippers and fur, leather, or shearling textures.

4.      Try on a few different sizes to see what size fits you best. For example, sometimes I can wear a L (10/12) or an XL (14/16) depending on store and garment.

5.      Look for deals. Prices are often times a lot more inexpensive, for the same, if not similar, items, in the kid’s section.

Those are my 5 tips for shopping in the kids section for those of you who are petite. For more style tips and petite outfit ideas, visit Also, you’ll be able to see how I styled this black and white vest from the kid’s section into 3 different looks if you visit. Be sure to follow Half Stack on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as Emily Ehardt Blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Stay Classy!
---Emily Ehardt---

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