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No Fear, No Frizz

Friday, January 08, 2016 Halee Nordhues

I am a huge fan of moroccan argan oil anything, so I was super excited to try this product! The smell just makes me melt. When I first opened the conditioner I expected to see a spray on leave in conditioner. I was surprised to find a conditioner that pumps out like a lotion. It was so soft and smelled so amazing. The bottle says you can apply on wet or dry hair, but I put it on after I would shower. I took one pump of the conditioner and rubbed it starting on my scalp all the way down to the ends of my hair. The focus for me was on the bottom half of my hair where I get knots most of the time.

I have the hair type that normally needs to be styled to look nice. The product was said to help tame frizz and I was hoping to finally find a product that works for a less time consuming style. I was very pleased to find that this product gave me a nice, natural shine that left my hair tamed from my everyday frizz. With the little expectations I had, this product went above and beyond what I was hoping for. 

One other thing that I loved about this product was that the company made a point to say that their product was not tested on animals. In addition, Nios Shield leaves out all the unnecessary chemicals that I do not need to be mixing with the natural oils in my hair. It is nice knowing what is in the products I am using and this company made me feel comfortable trying their product.

If you are looking to find this product in stores try your local drug stores or buy online for an easy find. The full name of the product is Nios Shield Leave-in Conditioner. Try out this product and let us know what you think. Stay frizz-free this winter, Halfstackers!

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