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Sunday, January 24, 2016 Olivia Lemley

When you're a parent running your taxi service to get your kids to all their day to day activities, any little help goes a long way. Whether it's pre-made dinners you can just throw in the microwave, early bedtimes, grandpa taking the kids out for ice-cream, or even something as little as being able to tie their own shoes, it goes a long way.

It would almost be like magicam I right? Let me show you a trick that will change winters for you...Magna Mini. This is a brand looking out for busy moms and dads everywhere! Rather than the ever-so-complicated zipper that threatens children's independence left and right, Magna Mini created outerwear that can simply close without straining effort.

Magna Mini coats have a magnetically infused closure that keeps your child looking clean-cut and ready to go. Let's not forget about the from overwhelmed teachers trying to prepare the students for recessthese coats will do wonders.

Boys and girls can enjoy adorable vests and coats in various fun colors and patterns to give our white winters a pop of color.
A happy kid is a happy parent.

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