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How To Buy A Leather Jacket

Friday, January 22, 2016 Emily Ehardt Blog

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all ready for an exciting weekend, along with my first blog post here on Half Stack. My name is Emily Ehardt and I am the founder and manager of, which is a fashion blog that focuses on how to style a new garment every week into three different looks. On Half Stack, I will be featuring fashion and style articles, which will be, in most cases, linked back to my own blog. Be sure to check it out and follow both Half Stack on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook and Emily Ehardt Blog on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for the most recent updates.

Now, enough about me; let's dive right into what you are all wanting to learn about: How To Buy A Leather Jacket. My rules for finding the perfect leather jacket are as follows:

1. Choose a style that fits impeccably. It is more important that the jacket fits in the shoulders, rather than anywhere else because sleeves and the waist can be tailored easier. Fit is key to making even the most inexpensive jacket look like you spent a million bucks on it.

2. Find a hue that is classic, so you can wear it forever. A color such as black, dark brown, cognac, or even gray will be neutral enough for everyday. However, if you do want something fun and unique, go for a color like burgundy, navy, or army green, which can act as neutrals with a variety of outfits.

3. Added details, such as studs, zippers, and/or textures make the jacket read more expensive, even if it is fake.

4. Look for a soft leather that's easy to move in. Even if it is "pleather", a stiff jacket will just be uncomfortable and will look cheap.

5. Rock it like all of the stars and bloggers you see, with confidence and coolness. Visit for even more leather jacket inspiration, including 3 different looks you can wear with the leather jacket pictured above!

Stay Classy!
---Emily Ehardt---

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