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Clutch Game=Strong

Monday, January 11, 2016 Olivia Lemley

Great handbags engage conversation, draw attention, bring out that extra confidence that has been in hiding, and let's not forget the most important part... they hold your best lipstick.

These quality and spunky clutches owe a big thank you to Kent Stetson. He strongly believes that a great handbag can cause people the same reaction a piece of art might. Back in 2003, Mr. Stetson presented one of his digital paintings as a handbag for a framing experiment. Since this take-off he has since made bags for collectors throughout the world.

These are bags that speak for themselves—they're fabulous! You may find yourself having a conversation with one of these beautiful handbags, but that's not what I mean. These are made to stand out; in my opinion, there's nothing better than statement accessories. With fun and funky designs, you are bound to find something for just about any occasion from Kent Stetson Handbags.

Dress it up with the Martini Clutch, or check out the Tartan Clutch for a normal day in town. Down to get a little goofy? The Donut Clutch  is perfect! Offering a variety of different styles, themes and shapes, this is a brand that proves originality time and time again. Be sure to check out all Kent Stetson has to offer here!

Kent Stetson hopes that by blurring the line between art and fashion with his brand, he can inspire people to live beautifully. 

Push yourself to stand out even with the simplest of things.

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