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Your Dream Purse Awaits

Monday, December 07, 2015 Olivia Lemley

Creativity has held hands with technology through the planning for this special product. Imagine your purse being an actual "walking canvas"—any message or design you'd like to display at any time. With the touch of an app, you can change your purse from glowing your favorite animal to display any text such as "buy me a drink". This is the latest fashion that I couldn't be more excited for! I Introduce to you, the CAT Clutch

THIS IS A HELPING-HAND-BAG: The inside of the CAT Clutch is a mirror, so there's no need to whip out your pocket mirror to check up on yourself as your talking to the handsome guy at the bar. Not only is this a purse that displays LED pixel art, but it also has room to hold your lipstick while charging your phone gotta love the 21st century! This accessory will not only grab the guys' attention, but it will definitely have your friends throwing envious compliments your way.

This is brilliance looking its best.

With 9 days to go, CAT Clutch needs support to start production. Follow this link and make this kickstarter come to life! 

~Don't let your gift giving go dull~

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