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Sephora Haul, and what Plus Size is to me // Michelle Swoons

Monday, December 07, 2015 Michelle Landriault

Hey my loves! I went over last month to Sephora a few times around my birthday, because they were having a BOMB sale for the VIB's it was 20% off your order.

You know if you're a beauty junkie a sale at Sephora is hard to find, so when they have them you max your credit card baby-o.

I hate to be a negative Nancy, but honestly I have to talk about the negativity around plus sizes. I had no idea that things were this bad in the world until recently. What I mean by that is, I lived in a protective little bubble and had no idea how big of jerks people could be. I'm so all over the place when it comes to "plus size role models," I will tell you though, no one should have to go through so much negativity just while going shopping. I'm about to get real deep with y'all.

I will tell you I am well aware of what size I am. I am well aware that I am getting in shape and workout 5 days a week, because I know that I'm not my healthiest at this size. However, I am also well aware that I don't need to take my clothes off, and take pictures of myself in the nude on my social media accounts to show off, or prove, that I am #bodypositive. So, I don't know how this Sephora Haul turned into a lecture on what plus size is to me.

Being Plus Size, and what it means to me?
It means being there for the girl who needed me when I was younger, it means showing the world that anything you can do I can do too, it means that negativity will not keep moving. I will not fight the negative with more negative, so you won't see me sitting there making up hashtags with cuss words in them, nor will I tell you that in order to "love yourself" you have to take pictures of yourself in your underwear and post it online. Because you don't!
I will not tell you that I'm OK at this size, because I am a bit unhealthy... I won't lie, and say that its OK to be obese, but I wont put you down for it either. I'll help you if you need a workout buddy, because I know what that's like. I'll help you fight that food addiction if you have it, because I do too. I'm not saying that everyone who's plus size has these struggles that I do, but if you do... then you have a friend who's going to help you through it.

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