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My Hair Makeover with Civello

Sunday, December 20, 2015 Michelle Landriault

I needed a change, big time. I talk a little about it in the video, but it was time for me to pamper myself and get back in the game. I had the same long blonde locks for years now, and as much as I really love being blonde, I wanted some variety in my look. I went over to Civello Salon to meet with Josh Falewitch and Deron Edward for a whole new me. Check it out!

Civello made me feel like a million bucks and totally changed my look, I feel like a whole new me! I also appreciate how Josh and Deron were very interested in the health of my hair, and wanted me to know everything I could about staying healthy with Aveda products. You CAN have healthy hair, and preserve your color along the way too.

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