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Letter from the Editor - The Giving Issue

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Hello readers, welcome to the Winter 2015 Annual Giving Issue. Thank you for taking the time to experience our work and share in our journey. As I write this letter, I think about all the things going on in the world that can shroud us in darkness. I think about the hate we see in the media, the fighting and the wars we are exposed to. I think about the sadness that can engulf us. Despite the negativity that is so prominent in the world, I also realize that there is so much beauty and kindness. Just last month, we saw innocent people perish in Paris and Beirut. We saw bombs explode and we heard some candidates speak with hatred and fear. Yet, there are so many in this world fighting for good, pushing forward for change and attempting to make a difference in the world that seems so dark.

 As I put this issue together with my team, I realized that while we can’t hide from the darkness, we can find beauty in the people who are overcoming that darkness. This issue, just like other winter issues in the past, is being dedicated to those organizations and people who so willingly give back. People who are an inspiration and are a testament to the idea that there is so much good in this world. We just need to look a little deeper.

This issue we are sharing stories such as Gary’s. It’s a dark story about addiction and loss. Yet, it is also a story about strength, empowerment and hope. Laura’s writing and photography beautifully captures one family’s battle and their journey to overcoming the loss of a son gone to soon. We are featuring organizations such as the Hero Foundation and Women at Risk, International. Each of these non-profits gives people another chance at life. Our cover feature showcases: Evelyn Lauer, a Chicago writer who is working on her memoir of love lost. Her story is one that so many people can relate to and is a testament to the person we can all become once we move on and forgive.

We also spotlight individuals such as Ashley Lauren and J. Open Heart, creatives who are leaving a beautiful mark on the world around them. Louis is sharing an update on our favorite indie artist: Joanna Maria as well as a highlight on the Women of Substance Podcast. Tareq brings in an international spin with a feature on: Amitis. Tyronita shares an in-depth interview with Chicago’s own: Cheland “Rhymefest” about his recent film debut: In My Father’s House.

You will find our typical beauty and fashion roundups, but this issue there is a twist featuring brands that give back and are making an impact on their community. Each of these brands are perfect opportunities to shop with a purpose. We close out this issue with two beautiful inspirational pieces focused on the true meaning of the holidays and finding ways to cope during this season brought to you by writers: Reynisha Lindsay and Jennifer Gordon.

In today’s world, we need to take the dark moments as opportunities to love more. We need less hate today and tomorrow than we had yesterday. It only seems like things will get more difficult before they get better. Yet, we don’t need the heartache and sadness to embitter us. Please don’t turn your back on the world. Find a way to love. Take these moments to find the kindness and the beauty. Those are the things that should be remembered.

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