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Kwame N Kruma: Sophisticating the Image of Denim

Thursday, December 24, 2015 Ramona Meadors

A fashion evolution is coming to Chicago through a new and unique brand of men’s clothing.

Successful model Kwame Brown will fully launch his own Chicago based fashion line called Kwame N Kruma this upcoming year of 2016. His breakout collection, Serge Denimes, features tailored denim garments incorporated with houndstooth, paisley, and polka dot patterns, creating sophisticated and upscale garments suitable for professional wear.

Kwame Brown models his collection Serge Denimes from his new fashion line Kwame N Kruma. Photo courtesy of Kwame N Kruma website. 
These popular textiles are universal in the fashion world, and Brown plans to use his collection to educate people about the history of these patterns. One of his goals is to completely change the perception of denim, which is typically viewed as a casual fabric. To help achieve this goal, all of the garments in the collection are tailored and lined with silk for a casual yet sophisticated look and feel.

Designed for the athletic and creative young professional, Serge Denimes is also created to be comfortable for those who travel and need to look good on the go. Brown considers these unique qualities of his style very important.

“Currently, with so many designers flooding the marketplace, to have a unique platform is key,” Brown said.

Since he started modeling in his early twenties, Brown has always had the desire to do something more within the fashion industry. A trip to Hong Kong inspired him to design his own clothing brand. After discovering the abundance of textiles within China and meeting an inspiring tailor, Brown made his first suit and decided to use his knowledge of fashion to launch an additional career in fashion design. Brown also models his clothing.

Kwame Brown models his collection Serge Denimes from his new fashion line Kwame N Kruma. Photo courtesy of Kwame N Kruma website. 
“Modeling is still very much a huge part of my career,” Brown said. “I strategically decided that modeling would be the best platform to launch my own brand.”

Chicago is a challenging market for fashion, mainly because it doesn’t have all of the key resources in the fashion industry compared to New York or Los Angeles. As a result, Brown said he struggled finding pattern makers, seamstress, and textiles within the city.

Even though Chicago’s fashion market is still behind other larger markets, Brown wanted to start his business there, because of his devotion to the city he says played a huge role in who he is today. He aspires to strengthen Chicago’s male fashion market through Kwame N Kruma, which he plans to eventually expand to include womenswear.

“As I grow my brand, I plan on investing in this issue," Brown said. "Chicago needs a garment district with an abundance of resources to launch new fashion brands."

But all of these things are just the tip of the iceberg for the successful young entrepreneur. He considers modeling and designing as expressions of his creativity, and is honored for the privilege to launch his brand and focus more on his creative vision.

Brown attributes the success he’s had so far to hard work, building good relationships, and starting early. He encourages all young professionals to never lose sight of their goals, and chase what they love.

“Remain true to your vision and you'll see results,” Brown said. “Success is measured by happiness and freedom.”

Brown's line can currently be purchased on his website. Custom clothing is available. For more information on Kwame N Kruma go to:

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