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International Party in Wicker Park this Saturday at 8PM

Friday, December 11, 2015 Elaine Rau

A couple months ago, Peter Shen, the Founder of visited Tokyo, Japan.  Traveling alone, he went to and perused the site for an event to go to.  One event that peaked his interest was an international party.  The event promised incredible drink specials, meeting over a hundred expats and Japanese locals, at a popular Shibuya, Tokyo bar.  With no other plans, Peter decided to to be a social adventurer and set out to meet locals and other internationals.

At the Tokyo party, 125 people packed a small bar.  The event was as advertised.  Plenty of locals and expats.  Peter had so much fun and met many friends that he even got a crew to go to another party at a nearby nightclub!

The next day, with a smile of satisfaction still on his face, he decided he wanted to re-create this event in Chicago.  Why not?  After all he's an owner of a social event site as well as an organizer of one of Chicago's biggest and many say, the most fun, meetup group in the windy city.  If you don't believe it, see the events and comments yourself at New Bar meetup group.

So he did.  Peter created the group that day.  And two weeks later, after his Asia tour of Japan and China, he set out to have Chicago's first ever international party.

Because of Peter's credibility and his popular New Bar group, an average of 10 people began joining his new international meetup, Meet International People.  But having a sizable group does not equate to a good showing at an event, so to get his members excited about Chicago's first international party, he set out to do what he's good at; find an awesome bar and get a good deal. 

He found Pint, an Irish bar at Wicker Park and negotiated a deal for his members to get free shots and discounted drinks.  To make sure he had a good crowd and an international flavor, students were free as well as women.  Though men were only $10.

That above and the fact that people knew Peter throws awesome parties, over 100 people showed up for Chicago's first ever International Party!  40% of the people were already friends due to meeting at previous Peter's parties.  And because they already know how to have fun, they got the 60% welcomed and comfortable.  The party lasted from 8pm to 12am but it wasn't over.  Pods of new friends went to bars afterwards and remained friends to this day.

With such success for the first International Party (see member comments and reviews), the second International Party was a given.  Meet People Chicago is going back to Pint at Wicker Park.  Another 100 + people expected.  Another amazing party about to happen. And he teamed up with Elaine from Events with Elaine and together are going to start planning events all around the city - so stay tuned!

To join the next International Party @ Wicker Park, RSVP here:

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