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Ignoring distractions

Wednesday, December 02, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

As we go through this journey called Life there are successes and there are disappointments. There are good times and bad times. We set goals in life for our futures and sometimes we achieve them easily while other times they almost seem too far to reach. I've recently realized that sometimes distractions can prolong our successes. 

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Distractions derail us from the path that we intended on taking and it takes us on a longer road to our desired destination. We soon forget what our goals were because we get distracted and sidetracked. Having a positive attitude and a clear view of what we want to achieve in life will allow us to get to our destination quickly. Distractions cause us to focus on something that doesn't pertain to the goals that we want to complete. We put all of our strength and effort on something that doesn't help us reach our goals. 

Whether you're single, married or with kids, remember to keep focused. Plan and write out your goals and desires even if they may seem small to you. If it's something that you have to work for, it's a goal worth fighting for. Keep your eyes on the destination and avoid distractions that will come your way/ Always refer and look back at your goals that you write down because they will remind you to continue being motivated and focused. In the end, you will be satisfied with your determination and commitment because straying away from your goals only makes the journey to get to them longer. 

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