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HSM x Not A Size Zero: Hers and His Holiday Look

Monday, December 14, 2015 Denise G

The holidays are drawing near. Do you know what you're wearing for all those holiday parties you're planning on attending? Let me give you some ideas in creating your holiday looks.

Wondering where we got these items? Check them out below!
Our necklace game was strong on this video. That's because we got them from 7 charming sisters. Check the out here.

This has got to me my favorite necklace of all. I use this one the most out of the three that I got. I love the weight of it. Its not too heavy, but it's not light. I don't really like light necklace because it feels really cheap. I also love the design of this necklace. True to its name, it can make any outfit look elegant.
Wickedly Elegant
This is my second favorite because of the pop of color. I also love the different shapes in the necklace. The design of this piece is the statement you need to make your outfits pop.
Hashtag Fabulous
I really love the look of chunky chain, but this isn't as heavy as it seems, which can be good and bad depending on how you like your necklace. Personally I would like it to be a little heavier. It was just a little too light and compared to the other two looks, necklace doesn't seem to have that much wow to it.
Curb Appeal Necklace

One of the things that we usually neglect is getting a pair of nice tights. For this kind of weather, having a nice pair of tights can definitely help your outfit.

Here are some of the ones that was in the video.

I actually love all the tights that are in the video. This one is a really nice go to. It's nice an opaque. You know when tights show more skin than tights, this is the answer to that problem.
Hanes Shapes & Smoothes Tights
 My second favorite. This one really makes the outfit look festive. Who says bling is only for the top half of your outfit?
Hanes Silk Reflection Crystal Embellish Control Top Tights
 This one is really good for pairing with skirts and shorts. What I don't like about wearing these is that I have huge calves and the socks rolls. It really doesn't stay up, but I like how this looks with my shorts for that look.
L'eggs Energy Collection Trouser Socks

Get His Look:
You can alway find really affordable suits at H&M and they're really good looking!

As for the shirt, unfortunately it's something that I got for him from the Philippines and there's really no link there.

My boyfriend has been getting a lot of compliment for this tie! The best part is they're on SALE right now! Check them out here.

Want to learn how to create my make up look? Check out my channel!

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