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Holiday Sweets & Treats from Matthews 1812 House Inc.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 Jen Lezan

It's the holidays and that calls for a little indulgence. We only live once, so why not enjoy it? Of course, all things in moderation. Food is such a great way to connect with family and certain smells and tastes just bring back floods of memories. Some of my most memorable moments involved spending quality time at the dinner table with my loved ones.

Good food and good people always equals a good time. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get it together and cook up that perfect dessert. Now, I won't lie, I am not the best cook. I don't think it's that I am terrible at cooking, the problem is that I get distracted. With the kids running around, emails that need to be answered, a house that needs to be cleaned, I have a tendency to get distracted. That leads to burned food in the oven and a hot mess on the stove.

So, when the opportunity arises and I am asked to bring a dish for a holiday gathering or a party, I will most likely end up purchasing something pre-made. Here's the thing with store bought food though, it is not always as delectable as home made. This is where Matthews 1812 House comes in. If you long for desserts that taste like home and are handmade with love in small batches, then this is the company to buy from.

Matthews 1812 House was started in 1979 in the family farmhouse by Blaine and Deanna Matthews. Named after the year the house was built, they started with two fruitcakes (and had two small children at the same time)! Soon there were baking racks in the hallways and people sorting apricots and pecans on the dining room table. God bless their hearts, cooking and running a business with two little children! I'm obviously not that talented, but thank goodness they were!

In 1991 the business moved to a dedicated facility just a mile from the farmhouse. With a carousel oven (yes, it rotates), and more room, they expanded from their line of specialty cakes into cookies, bars, and other mouth-watering baked goods. In 2015, Blaine and Deanna retired and their daughter Cynthia took over operations. She is working hard to maintain the high quality that her parents instilled in their brand focusing on creating baked goods with high quality ingredients created in small batches right in Connecticut.

Now, for some suggestions. This season don't go for the basic cookies and fruit cake options at the holiday party. Pump it up a flavor notch by bringing something that is a little out of the ordinary. Matthews 1812 House Blondie Bars are mouthwatering! Blondies are a twist on your typical brownies. They are dense and chewy and the texture is almost reminiscent of a chocolate chip cookie in bar form. Ingredients include: chocolate chips, pecans, and Kentucky bourbon. The bars are baked, then drizzled with Matthews 1812 House Chocolate Bourbon Sauce. Packaged in a white gift box, your blondies arrive in a 6″ x 9″ pan, you cut the size and shape pieces you desire. Easy and perfect for entertaining!

Then there is the Pièce De Résistance from Matthews 1812 House - The Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Torte. This is rich and decadent dessert and it tastes so good it is nearly addicting. A torte is a tad bit heavier than a cake in terms of texture and taste. This rich chocolate pecan torte is laced with Kentucky bourbon, topped with a layer of pecans and finished with caramel bourbon sauce. If I ever need to eat my last meal, I'll be requesting the chocolate bourbon pecan torte to be shipped in from Matthews 1812 House.

Don't be a basic host this holiday season. Up the ante and give your guests something sweet and savory. Even if you can't cook it, you can just order in from Matthew's 1812 House, cut it up and plate it and they'll never know the difference. It tastes as good as home cooked! The baked goods also are shipped beautifully packaged and are perfect as hostess, teacher and neighbor type gifts this season!!

Happy Holiday Eating Readers!!

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