Halfstack Highlights Ep. 36 - Meet the Entrepreneur: Tina Aldatz

Hi everyone! Jen Lezan here with halfstackmag.com. Thanks for listening to Halfstack Highlights! In today’s episode, I had the opportunity to speak with an amazing Latina entrepreneur who is truly a role model for every budding business woman and young girl with big dreams. Tina Aldatz is the founder and mastermind behind Foot Petals, those amazing cushions you put in your stilletos to keep the foot pain at bay.

From L to R - Margie Flores & Tina Aldatz

Tina's story is truly one of a survivor and fighter. Despite a tumultous upbringing, she decided to not allow herself to become a victim of circumstance and in the process she was able to break the cycle of poverty for herself and younger siblings. Tina's story touched close to home for me. I've talked about the hardships I faced growing up as a young Latina in a family that faced poverty, drug abuse and domestic violence and her story truly gave me hope. She is living testament that anyone from any socioeconomic, race or creed can truly succeed if they put their mind, body and soul into their opportunities.

Tina's story is even more inspiring because she is a self-made millionaire who is a woman and a minority - there are not many people like her out in the world right now. She didn't have a rich husband or parents to back her first business. It was not luck either. Her journey took her up and it took her down and she navigated it with the skill of a hardened sailor. She is a woman with a whole lotta gumption and it was her business savvy, relationship building skills and hard work that helped her create a multi-million dollar brand. I also love how she highlights she didn't build this brand all on her own -she connected with amazing friends who believed in her vision and had skill sets she lacked that helped her grow foot petals over the years - one in particular - her business partner and bestie: Margie Flores.

Tina Aldatz holding her book: From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange

She took some time post holidays to talk with me about her new book: from Stilettos to the Stock exchange which is a combo life story/business education book that is sure to empower many. I laughed, I cried and I related to her book. It helped me see that I am not alone in this journey and that as women, we have to not be afraid to take charge of our dreams. We talk about how she overcame her fear of sharing her lest than pristine past, her journey in the fashion world and what her plans are for her newest company: Savvy Travelers. Keep listening for more!

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I hope you enjoyed this latest episode of Halfstack Highlights! If you are interested in learning more about Tina, you can visit her site: www.savvytravelers.com and also link up with her on twitter @savvy_travelers on Instagram at @taldatz and follow her public page on facebook! While you’re online make sure you visit at halfstackmag.com and keep up with us on social all at @halfstackmag

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Halfstack Highlights Ep. 36 - Meet the Entrepreneur: Tina Aldatz Halfstack Highlights Ep. 36 - Meet the Entrepreneur: Tina Aldatz Reviewed by Jenny on Thursday, December 10, 2015 Rating: 5
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