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Enjoying the Holidays

Wednesday, December 09, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

'Tis the season! The Holidays can bring the ugly and disgusting out of people. A few rough things to get through during the season is trying to untangle Christmas lights or even wrapping all the gifts. Not only can everything be so time consuming it has also showed me that working in retail has been a big challenge because everyone is so mean and very ungrateful. People become rude and forget the importance of Christmas. Unfortunately the holidays have become about spending money and trying to get the newest tech. It's become very selfish and mainly about gifts.

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This year I've decided to get away from the stress and at times frustration of the holidays. I'm learning to take each day step by step and embrace those that are so close to me. Worrying about standing in line to get a good deal on something has been a big chaotic movement and let's be honest, that's not as meaningful or important as spending quality time with those you love. I'm very big on family and close friends to spend the holidays with. It makes it memorable and enjoyable to be around people that care about you and vice versa.

If you notice that the holidays seem to have you in a ball of stress remind yourself that the stress and worry is not worth it. Take the holidays slow and try to enjoy every second of it. When I feel myself getting overwhelmed with the gifts that need to be purchased and the food that needs to be prepared, I take about an hour and sit to watch the christmas tree. I find that it relaxes me and I feel like I am refreshed and ready to tackle anything down.

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