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Debbie Martin's Designs Gives Disabled Children an Outlet to Create Art and Benefit from their Designs

Thursday, December 03, 2015 Mykah Williams

Only once in a blue moon, do you find someone in the fashion world working for a purpose much bigger than simply making the world more glamorous. Debbie Martin, of Debbie Martin Designs is a prime example of a women on mission: A mission to spread both inner and outer beauty into world.

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Martin's most recent project? Hazel and Friends, a line that has created an amazing outlet for children with disabilities to express their creativity through fashion. Any child living with a disability can now send photos of their artwork to be turned into clothing pieces. The line was inspired by her 8 year-old niece Hazel. Hazel has a genetic disorder in which she is a missing piece of her 9th chromosome. The disorder has left her confounded to a wheelchair and able to speak only through technology.

In 2014, with four decades of experience in the fashion world, Debbie Martin was ready to retire. But she then realized a clothing pitch  that would flip her switch. After spending time with her young niece, Hazel, Debbie fashioned a game plan that could benefit the lives of disabled children like Hazel all across America. Debbie's idea really took off when she was able to recreate a scarf from the artwork of a boy with Down Syndrome. Suddenly, she found herself with a new purpose and a new line.

Through her label, Debbie is now allowing disabled children to turn their artwork into designer scarves, aptly named, Hazel and Friends. On her website, You can get a closer look at Hazel's life with a disability as well as the project. If you look under the tab Hazel and Friends you will find an email address to which you may email a photo of your children's design. Be sure to tell Debbie and the team about your child's own personal journey along with the photo. With this, your child's work could potentially be fashioned into a piece sold in stores. 20% of all profits from the line will be given to disability research, charities and will be used to help fund playgrounds for the children. You may also find link in which you can donate directly to the cause.

Debbie Martin designs launched only this past year and since then has been creating quite the stir in the fashion scene. Her designs are now up for purchase in 48 states including, Illinois. DMD has partnered up with mills so that all her designs are made from fabrics of the highest quality including wool, silk, and cashmere.

Children's works from Hazel and Friends are now up for sale on, Including the Painterly Floral Scarf that can be seen in the Hazel and Friends promotional video.

Wondering where else to find Hazel and Friends? Debbie Martin Designs is currently selling in store and online at Material Possessions in Chicago. On the stores website you can find her scarves from her previous collection. Such as the Amazing Quote Scarf and the chic Hello Goodbye Scarf.

Be sure to check out Hazel and Friends If you are the parent of, or know a child with a disability be sure to spread the word about Debbie Martin's Designs, and the possibility of being able to purchase the artwork of a child you know and love for a wonderful cause!

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