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Bye Bye Beanies!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 Avante Edmonds

Grace Eleyae has answered the curly girl prayer. Get fabulous hair without looking like a fool at night. For years, kinky, curly,and wavy haired girls have had to guard their hair from the moisturize sucking pillowcase by tying multiple satin scarves around their heads at night. In the words of the great Hilary Duff that is "so yesterday".

The new way is Grace Eleyae's SLAPs. A Soft Slouchy Satin Lined Beanie is easily transitional from night to day. Retailing for $37.99 on Amazon right now, it is an absolute must have. Or you can purchase it directly from Grace Eleyae's Slap's website for $29.95. All other beanies have major competition now.

There is a wide range of colors from a darling baby pink (my personal favorite) to wine, mint, and a basic black. The versatility in this product is incomparable with how it protects the hair, preserves hairstyles, and rids deadly tangles. Fun fact: the designer likes to match the satin lining inside the cap with the exterior fabric. This Slap cap is a life saver! After having an impromptu sleepover with my sister, I realized I hadn't packed a satin scarf to sleep in!! Quelle horreur!! Amazingly enough, I realized I had been wearing the Slap cap all day with my outfit so I simply left it on for bed. I woke up looking fabulous and had Grace Eleyae to thank for it! Halfstack snagged an exclusive interview with the creator of Slaps, Ms. Grace Eleyae herself. "I just want to promote healthy hair no matter what kind of hair you have," said Eleyae. "I am also not into shaming women who don't have natural hair," added the designer. Her number one goal is for women to look their complete best- whatever that may mean to them.
Exterior- Rayon (95%), Spandex (5%) Interior: Satin/Elastane Satin interior lining to protect your hair Elastic band to help hold cap on head through the night Stylish exterior fabric that compliments any outfit A stretchy exterior that holds close to the hair, providing added moisture retention. Pick a few up for yourself today!

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