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Yandy Smith Named Mielle Organic's First Brand Ambassador

Sunday, November 15, 2015 Tyronita Bell

Mielle Organics is an all natural and Organic hair and skincare line of products that was founded by Monique Rodriguez. The brand was created in 2014 and has been widely received by the public. Mielle has grown so rapidly within the past year that it now has customers in over 87 countries.

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The hair care line held an event in Chicago to announce their very first brand Ambassador, Yandy Smith. Yandy is most known for being apart of the cast of Love & Hip Hop. The Mother, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and TV personality talked with us about being representing Mielle. “ I love being the first of anything! I’m excited! I think Monique is amazing. I love that I’m able to support her on her journey, while she’s able to support me on my journey and that’s what it’s all about. It’s about supporting each other… I think that she is doing amazing things and I am so glad to be apart of something that is groungbreaking…”

Smith also shared with us her experience using Mielle Organics products.. “Well I had the pleasure of using the product for a long time before I actually became the ambassador. I absolutely love that it has restored the natural state of my hair. My hair was severely damaged from shooting and putting so much heat on it… After using it for a few months I can really see the difference. The texture of my hair is back, my natural curl is back and the thickness has come back. “

We also got to speak with the founder of Mielle, Monique Rodriguez. She shared her story with us about how the young company came about. “I started my career as a nurse, and nursing was something that I liked but I wasn’t passionate about it. I was always instilled to go to school, go to college, get a degree and work a 9-5.  So that’s what I knew… After a lot of soul searching and praying I just asked God to show me something that I was passionate about and most of the time what you’re passionate about stems from a child and I’ve always been into hair. I’ve always been into beauty. I see myself as little girl in my younger daughter. She’s into hair and beauty and stuff like that. I just asked God to help show me what it is that he wants me to do. I took my background in nursing and combined it with my passion. I wanted to create products that not only were not only effective but also healthy”

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When asked what sets her products apart from other natural haircare products she says, “It’s really natural. Also, I’m not just pushing a product. I actually use my products and I use it on my whole family. I want people to understand that I really am passionate about helping people understand the ingredients that they use.  Our ingredients are all natural, organic and they work!”

Along with offering such a great product, Monique also gave some great advice for the future young entrepreneurs of the world. “ My advice would be to definitely find something that you are passionate about. You can only live your life, don’t try to live someone else’s life because you see that they’re successful….I started other companies. All those businesses didn’t go anywhere because I wasn’t interested in it. I think that you have to find something that you want to do [and] also pray about it. This was an idea a year ago and I just prayed about it and to see it come to life is just a blessing.

Mielle Organics is available online on their website. It will also be available in Sally’s Beauty Supply stores starting February 2016.

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