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Vanessa Carlton performs and Gives Insights to her New Album at SPACE

Saturday, November 21, 2015 Mykah Williams

It always warms my blood to hear that beautiful piano trill that begins the song "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton. It's hard for me to believe that the song and her album "Be not Nobody" premiered 13 years ago in 2002. I was literally in grade-school when Carlton's first album went platinum. Yet, here she is years later, still writing her ethereal indie-pop song music. If anything, her music has only gotten better, despite its lack to gain the commercial success that her first album attained. After years of only dreaming that I 'd get to see her perform live, a few weeks I actually did, and let me tell you, she is absolutely stellar.

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On November 11th, Vanessa and her team set up at a gorgeous, high-end bar in Evanston, IL called SPACE. The atmosphere in the concert room was fantastic, super chill, yet the beauty of the music made your hair stand up on end. The venue was packed to the brim, but still small enough to feel intimate. The bar perfectly complemented Carlton's stunning, yet low-maintenance musical vibe.

Carlton is touring in support of her latest album, "Liberman" - a record with an interesting story behind it's name and a perfect fit for the message of the music on the record. The story behind the album is all in the family blood. Liberman is actually a familial name to Vanessa Carlton: it's the real last name of her maternal grandfather. During the show, Carlton often stopped to tell the audience about the stories and inspiration behind her music. Carlton's grandfather, Liberman, was a fashion designer who changed his name from "Liberman" a traditional Jewish name, to "Lee" in order to make his designs more marketable. Vanessa wanted to bring back attention to the real family name, thus she named her album "Liberman".

Vanessa's grandfather on her father's side also heavily influenced the music she wrote for her new album. The artist explained to the audience that her grandfather was a painter with a unique, but beautiful choice in color palettes. One of his painting is mounted on the wall in front of her piano in her home in New York. The painting, Carlton explained, is of 3 nudes of the same woman. The woman was her grandfather's muse. She explained that the color and feelings she evoked from that piece played an important part in her music writing process.

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The music in the album is incredible and has just a slightly darker and romantic edge to it than her past albums. At her show at SPACE, Vanessa described her set for the tour as a sandwich of both her old and new music, much to the audiences delight. The show began with one of my favorite Vanessa song's of all time, White Houses which was released on her first album. My favorite moment of the entire set was when she began to play "Willows" a song of her new album inspired my her faimly home(with a lyric music video now up on Youtube). When she began to play it subsequently it started to pour outside adding to eerie and homey feel of the song. My favorite song on the new album is "Operator", the song mixed with some awesome lyrics has a more contemporary vibe than most other songs on the album and insanely catchy. I also recommend checking out blue pool of you love the more indie sound.

Vanessa's album is out currently and you still may be able to catch her live as she she just announced a second leg to her tour a few days ago. You can check it out on her FB fan page or at her website. If you get the opportunity snag some tickets to see her live you definitely won't regret it, and you'll certainly be inspired to grab her new album afterwards.

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