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The Womanizer – a revolutionary intimate product for the modern woman

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Elaine Rau

The Womanizer isn’t a vibrator; instead it uses PleasureAir technology and sends pressure (and pleasure) waves throughout the body by suctioning onto the desired area using an air compression pump inside the device. This new product is said to be able to produce fast and multiple orgasms. The head of the Womanizer is made out of silicone so it is super soft and is helpful especially if you are sensitive.

There are five levels of intensity that you can utilize and when fully charged will last a minimum of 90 minutes. It is really simple to use and nothing gets inserted inside of you, the focus is all on the clitoris, not directly on it, but close to it so that the waves hit the right spot. It may be helpful to use it with a water-based lubricant. In the directions that come in the box it says to find the pleasure spot and stay on it but I found that it was more effective if you move or circle it around a little bit. 

It can also be used with a partner and can be used to explore the frenulum of a penis and the nipples as well. After you are all done the cleaning process is super easy, you just need to clean the silicon head with anti-bacterial soap and rinse with water. The new and improved version will be coming out in February hopefully on the 14th, just in time for couples to experiment with a completely new sensation!

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