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The Walking Dead Fan Theory: Glenn is Still Alive

Friday, November 06, 2015 Mykah Williams

A couple of weeks ago The AMC hit series, "The Walking Dead" threw its fans a curve ball that none of us saw coming... But first, WARNING: if you're behind on the show and haven't seen episode 3 of season 6 stop reading now!

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Alright, you know what I'm talking about, Glenn's supposed "death" two episodes ago nearly broke the internet. I'm sure everyone else's Facebook also looked as though a world famous celebrity had just jumped off a building. Fans were enraged, and rightfully so. How could one of the original 6
(Rick, Caryl, Carol, Daryl and of course Glenn), be killed off in such a pointless and un-redeeming manner? Out of what was mostly denial fans began to theorize that perhaps Glenn wasn't dead after all.

I mean, we technically didn't see him die, we just watched as he fell into a mosh pit of zombies who began to break into his flesh, causing him to bleed profusely as he screamed out in horror. So, ya know, maybe there is still hope? After Episode 3 premiered on the "Talking Dead" after show, actress Yvette Brown expressed her deep sadness at Glenn's death. She, like the rest of us, was unable to believe that he went out the way he did. And to make matters worse the follow up episode didn't give us any clarity on his well-being, due to it solely focused on the story of how Morgan gained his recent mulan-esque ninja skills.

However, of my best-friends and a dedicated TWD fan, pointed out something to me that is pretty telling during the after show of episode 3 (just check the grammar and wording of this). During the segment in which all the walkers and dead characters are memorialized, we saw a moment dedicated to Nick (ugh screw that guy) and all the offiically dead zombies, but none for Glenn. You beginning to catch on yet?

That's right. Despite the incriminating fact that we seemingly saw his body ripped open, I have theorized a scenarios in which Glenn may have not died, as well as found evidence for these case.

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This theory is getting pretty popular: We didn't see Glenn being eaten, but rather Nick's corpse laying on top of his body.

This is likely so popular because most of us are really hating Nick right now. Unable to handle the reality of life outside of Alexandria, Nick who has always been mentally unstable, is really the one at fault when it comes to Glenn's supposed death. In a moment of total fear and desperation he uses his gun to out himself out of his misery. and when he begins to fall forward he grabs Glenn sending him to the ground with him. No one wants to believe that Glenn, the good-boy of the show, has died at the hands of the character whom has tried to kill him once before. He surely deserves a more honorable death considering he is the shows constant beacon of hope, and is always driving everyone to move forward from tragedy.

However, during the famous fall off the dumpster it appears as though Glenn might've fallen under Nick onto the concrete, so he may be hurt, but there's a decent chance his smaller body is being shielded by Nick's.

This would've been an excellent and impressive trick for the writers to accomplish. They leave the audience hanging for several episodes, starting to accept his death. But just when we've lost all hope, they continue to the scene, perhaps creating a way for Glenn to escape his death. Possibly by crawling under the dumpster while the zombies feast on Nick's corpse? Or maybe being found by a group who helps him escape?

The possibilities are endless. And the show's writers are top-notch. For every other leading character on the show, their death served to help further the plot and they have typically fallen at the hands of the season's big villain. The plot of Glenn dying in such a simple manner is just not likely.

There are also those who believe Glenn is still alive because he's going to be killed off the way he is in the comics, which isn't exactly ideal if your a Glenn fan but at least he'd be losing his life to a re-occurring bad guy. For those who haven't read the comic (spoiler!) Glenn is brutally murdered by the most violent TWD villian yet, Negan. Yet he is survived by his wife Maggie and their unborn baby, giving the reader a bit of a possible silver lining.

Also, if he was dying in episode 3, why would one of the shows most beloved characters not get a memorial on the after-show? It only points to one answer; he didn't need one, because Glenn is still alive! Of course I could be wrong but after careful consideration there really is no doubt for me that we'll see Glenn again.

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