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The Keys to Your Heart

Wednesday, November 04, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

This past weekend my husband and I moved into a bigger apartment. We were given a set of new keys which we knew we had to make copies of so that we each had keys. When we went to the key shop, I was so intrigued with how quick it was to give someone keys and have them duplicate it. Almost instantly we had another set of keys. As I was hearing the sounds of the keys being made, I began to think about people who hold the keys to our heart or our lives. I began to think about those that are close to me and know things about me that most don't. Keys are important because if you hand the key to your life to the wrong person, then you've just set yourself up for a big failure. However, if you give your key to someone that you've known for a long time and is trustworthy then your life won't be as difficult. The key to your life holds your secrets and things that you wouldn't normally want to tell others unless they took the time out to know you.

As I sat there and heard the grinding from the key, I stopped to examine how fast it was to be created. I realized that letting someone in your life, may come easy but may also cause a lot of heartbreak and pain. The key to your life reveals the condition of your heart and mind. Some will treasure and try to guard those secrets, but there are many others that would just gossip and talk behind your back. Even with the quickness of duplicating a key, is also the quickness of letting someone in your life that may be dangerous and unhealthy for you. With how society is nowadays, many people are duplicating the keys to their heart and giving it to people that they aren't close with. In the end this causes a lot of pain and heartbreak. It doesn't mean you don't go out and meet new people. It just means that allowing others to see the intimate parts of your life can be beautiful but can also be hurtful if it's not the right person.

It is important to guard your heart and your mind. It is important to take some time and examine who holds the keys to your heart. Is it someone you trust or someone that will backstab you?

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