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The Bird and the Bee at Lincoln Hall

Wednesday, November 04, 2015 Pearl

The beloved indie-pop duo, The Bird and the Bee, made a comeback after a five-year gap. After the release of their newest album, titled "Recreational Love", the band dropped by Chicago's Lincoln Hall on Sunday night as a part of their comeback tour. Although Greg Kurstin, one half of the duo, was not able to make to the show, Inara George, singer and bassist of The Bird and the Bee, performed a lovely concert, making every person in the room fall in love with her music.

The band had a great setlist, opening the show with the song "Polite Dance Song" from the album "Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future". Other highlights of of the night included performances of some of the songs from the band's newest album "Recreational Love" including "Young and Dumb" and "Please Take Me Home". The band also performed some of their other hits such as "F-cking Boyfriend" and "Love Letter to Japan".

Though Inara was without Greg, she was accompanied by the singer Alex Lilly, who also opened for her at the show. A continuous joke throughout the night was that even though Greg Kurstin, was not able to make it to the concert, Alex was there and made things better because she is "sassier and has boobs". In order to let Greg know that the fans missed him, Inara also recorded a video of the crowd greeting him in order to share the experience with him and to let him know that he was in everyone's thoughts.

The biggest surprise of the night was when Greg did end up joining Inara on stage, albeit through FaceTime. For the finale of the show, Inara sang a solo of "How Deep Is Your Love", a song that fans in the crowd repeatedly requested throughout the night, while Greg accompanied her on the grand piano through her iPad.

To keep up with The Bird and the Bee, you can follow them on Facebook and on their website. You can also follow Inara on Instagram and Twitter and Greg on Twitter as well. You can also check out my interview with Inara George here.

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