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Sweet Treats for the Holidays: Mrs. Prindables & Partner Crackers

Monday, November 30, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Gifts for the holidays can be be so complicated! Some people can be incredibly difficult to shop for, while it may not always be appropriate to buy a gift for a client. A simple way to get around these gifting conundrums is to bring in sweets for the holidays! Food can be a great way to say thank you or thinking of you! It's a great idea for teachers, co-workers and neighbors. Edible gifts range from sweet to tangy to spicy and everything in between. You are sure to find something to suit the palette of anyone. If you don't want to bake up or cook up a storm on your own, do the easy thing and pick up something that's ready made. Two great brands to gift this season include Mrs. Prindbles and Partners Crackers, especially if those you love have a sweet tooth.

Mrs. Prindables is one of my favorite brands for gifting. The food items are always so well made, delectable and beauitfully crafted. The packaging is always amazing and festive. You can tell a lot of love is put into the crafting of the Mrs. Prindables products. Creating something truly luxurious, indulgent and uniquely pleasurable is both an art and a craft. An art because it takes vision, imagination and genuine originality. A craft because it demands exceptional skill, a desire for perfection, and meticulous attention to detail. Mrs. Prindables truly turns food making into an art! Their caramel apple gift sets are always crowd pleasers.

They handpick the largest, crispest apples, and the dip them into a delicious soft caramel, made fresh that day. Finally, they coat them with exquisite toppings, made with as much love as their caramel. This season, check out their Noble Nutcracker Petite Caramel Apple Gift Set. You will NOT be disappointed. The crisp apples mixed with the sweet caramel and combined with crunchy toppings like walnuts is like a flavor explosion in your mouth! These come in fun nutcracker themed gift boxes!

Noble Nutcracker Petite Caramel Apple Gift Set ($39.99): This delicious holiday gift from Mrs. Prindables comes with two juicy apples dipped in milk chocolate and covered in crunchy walnuts and two dunked in sweet caramel and coated in a trio of white, milk and dark chocolate. Packaged in cheerful nutcracker-themed gift boxes, this set is ideal for gifting or adorning any holiday table. Purchase the Gift Set at
If you have to do some gifting for someone with gluten sensitivities look no further than Partners Crackers. Partners is a family owned brand that truly lives and breathes the do-it-yourself mentality. Run by founder Marian Harris and her son: Greg and Daughter: Cara in Seattle, the company focuses on great artisinal products that are made with high quality ingredients.

PARTNERS offers six different tasteful choice brands and more than 35 varieties of crackers, cookies and granola, including organic and low-fat options. PARTNERS' award-winning products are sold in all 50 states and around the world! Their gluten free sweet treats are the perfect item for those with gluten sensitivities. They taste great and make a great stocking stuffer!

Gluten Free Brownie Thins ($5.29): Anyone with a sweet tooth will love Gluten Free Brownie Thins from PARTNERS Crackers. These cookie crisps are made with a blend of five ancient grains and contain no corn, soy or rice for a non-GMO product.

Happy Holidays!! 

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