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Sunda Serves Up Filipino Heritage Month

Tuesday, November 03, 2015 Perry

I had never tasted bone marrow before.  The split beef bones lay crisscrossed on the plate before me, served with oxtail adobo jam.  I was a little hesitant to try it, but after the first bite, all my reservations melted away - just like the savory dish, melting in my mouth!

The Bulalo Bone Marrow, one of Asian infused restaurant, Sunda's featured plates as a part of their their Filipino Heritage Month menu, is a modern take on the traditional stew recipe.  Throughout the month of October, Sunda featured four unique dishes inspired by Filipino cuisine.
Bulalo Bone Morrow

The first dish, featured October 1st through 11th, Sinagang, was a sour and savory soup with grilled prawn, garlic rice cake, patis tomato salad, green beans and a tamarind veloute.  From October 12th through 18th, Bikol Express was the dish of the week.  Served in a hollowed out coconut bowl, this spicy stew with braised pork belly, mussels, shrimp paste, chilies, shishito peppers, tomato, spicy coconut milk sauce, is a tasty entree with a beautiful presentation.  The following week, October 19th through 25th, featured the Bulalo Bone Morrow, and the final dish of the month was the Kinilaw; stripped bass, hamachi, flounder, tomatoes, cucumber, chilies, red onions, coconut citrus marinade.

Bikol Express


If you are looking to mix things up for a dinner out, Sunda's authentic food and beverage offerings, as well as their stunning decor and ambiance, makes it a perfect choice!  Whether you are a sushi lover or wine concourse, I know you will enjoy an evening spent at Sunda.

For more information about upcoming specials and offerings, check out their calender of events at

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