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Reclaiming your wholeness … A peek inside your inner-world.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015 Jen Gordon

We have all hit adversity and the accompanied hardship it brings, and it usually leaves us feeling beat-up or broken inside. If these thoughts aren’t in your immediate consciousness they are often just a scratch below the surface.

On top of the pain we have experienced, we are often taught in our culture that there are aspects within ourselves that are separate and disconnected, and these parts of ourselves are labeled negative or undesirable.

The ego is often demonized, the inner-child labeled as broken or wounded, and our subconscious mind seen as wild and running willy-nilly, out of control.

It is no wonder that we have a fear of our inner-world. We are often terrified to go within and see what might reside there, the pain, the brokenness, the “craziness” … And this cuts us off from our true nature and important inner-reality. Because in reality, who you are is always whole and complete no matter what hardships you have been through. It is the beliefs you have attached yourselves to that take you away from this realization of your perfection and this can leave you feeling disconnected and in conflict about who you are, your past, and your current experiences.

When you begin to understand you were created into your human body from the DNA of all creation, and at the core of your being is literally the fabric of life itself. You are constantly whole. And no one can take this wholeness from you. No person, no acts, no amount of abuse or self-neglect.

It is like the flesh-colored Silly Putty we used to get out of the vending machine as a kid, the one that came in a plastic egg. You could stretch it and stick it against different objects and it would get imprinted with different textures, but the putty itself never changed substance and you could rub your finger over it and it would become smooth again.

We are like the Silly Putty, we often can get squashed, stretched, and mashed, we can have people imprint upon us, but in reality, we don’t change, we are still the wholeness of which we are and were made.

Your strength lies in awakening to the truth of who you are. You are already whole. Get in touch with this reality and your world can begin to reshape before your eyes.

Your power lies within you. You can and will get great comfort in times of trial when you realize that you are always perfect and whole and by realigning your thoughts with this reality you can actualize your true nature.

Don’t be afraid of what is inside you … It is safe to peek inside your inner-world! To find out more about yourself, purchase the Conscious Creator Handbook or visit

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