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The holidays are upon us ya'll. Halloween has long gone and Thanksgiving is on it's way. That just means one thing, Christmas is around the corner. Travel is at it's peak during this season. Booking site: just released their annual "Insider Index" for the upcoming season. This index notes the latest trends already emerging for the incredibly popular times around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

It's a given that people will be traveling over the holidays. Whether it be by car, plane or boat - I figured I would share a round up of Life Hacks and items that will be helpful to keep in the car or pack up for a life on the go. Traveling can be a pain, but you can make it easier by being smart! This roundup includes items that are perfect for stocking stuffers this holiday as well as good items to just pick up and keep for yourself!

First up, wipes, wipes & more wipes from Savvy Travelers! Savvy Travelers is an ingenious brand brought to us by the two Latinas that single handily saves women feet worldwide with foot petals: Tina Aldatz and Margie Floris. These two power house Latinas are at it again with their Savvy Travelers brand. Savvy Travelers offers the ideal stocking stuffer and is now available at Nordstrom. Savvy Travelers offers convenient single-use, eco-friendly, disposable products. The roundup of products includes:

  • Take Offz: Facial Cleanser & Moisturizer Luxe Sheets that can be used easily on the go to freshen up. No Water? No Problem! These are super simple to use and are gentle, even for those of you with sensitive skin. The facial wipes are hydrating and calming due to the combination of vitamin E, aloe vera and cucumber. A must have for any lady on the go!
  • In the Klear: Lens & Screen Cleaner Luxe Sheets for smart devices, glasses and more. When you're on the go, it can be a pain finding wipes in your overpacked bags. These little wipes help keep the grime of your most used electronics and are gentle enough for your eye glasses! 
  • No Sweat: Antiperspirant Deodorant Luxe Sheets keep people cool and dry. Don't sweat it, we all sweat, but we don't have to show it or smell like it. These simple single use sheets leave your underarms feeling refreshed and smelling lovely. I didn't have any issues with underarm sensitivity as I do with some solid antiperspirants. These little goodies are perfect and small enough to through into your handbag. 
  • Speak Eazy: Mouth Cleansing Luxe Sheets are a mouthwash in a swipe. When you don't have a toothbrush in sight and water isn't as close as you'd like, you can still keep that mouth clean with the Speak Easy sheets. They're such a convenient little item to have with you at the office, in the car and of course on the plane. 
  • Liquid Kourage Bag: Everyone needs a little liquid courage now again. This simple clear zip up pouch will carry all your personal effects while you make your way through the TSA. It's always easiest to use clear bags when storing items in your luggage, that way you don't need to unzip and check. This little item makes getting through check-in less of a hassle. 
  • Lime Light: Being a germaphone, my number one worry is the grossness that is unseen in places, including hotel beds. This simple flashlight utilizes uv blacklight to detect rat and mice urine, pet stains, scorpions, counterfeit currency, cleanliness inspections and much more.
Kiss-u Corps is another brand that has your back on the go. Their line is an eco-friendly, practical and safer solution to handling sneezes and spills while on-the-go. Their tissue and wet wipe tubes make a great stocking-stuffer.  The number one item in my car, especially since I have kids, are wipes or tissues that can help me clean up a mess.

Yet, fumbling around with tissue boxes or big baggies of wipes can get frustrating! These convenient tubs are the perfect option as they compact, simple to use and easy to access (you just put them in a cup holder that you don't use!). Their tubes are made from 60% recycled cardboard, are 100% recyclable and refillable.

Some additional simple travel hacks to keep in mind for packing include: 

  • Place a cotton pad in your blush or powder compact to ensure that it won’t break while you’re in transit.
  • Wear something with deep pockets on the plane—it’ll prevent you from having to dig through your bag for your phone, wallet, and boarding pass every five minutes.
  • Use a pill container to store and sort your jewelry. Simple, effective and easy to do!
  • If you bring some sort of hot styling tool, stick it into a potholder to protect the clothes in your suitcase.
  • Pack items like your laptop in smaller bags so you have options when you’re out and about. That way you don't have to lug around your carry on!
  • Store your power cords in an old sunglasses case. It keeps everything in one convenient and easy to access spot. That way you don't go crazy searching your purse!
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