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Latest to Listen: feat. ASTR, Night Beats, and The Suffers

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 Mykah Williams

This week I've opened up my ears to a genre of music I hadn't actively checked out in awhile; indie-pop. I think we all know how easy it is to be spoon-fed basic pop music off the speakers at work and in stores. Suddenly, we become addicted to it, like its the only music we've ever known. This is something that I despise because I've always prided myself in having an eclectic taste in music from many different genres and time periods. My love for indie-pop allows me to kind of get the best of both worlds. I get my rhythmic, pulsing beats, but with the often weird, creative lyrics and random influences from other genres like electronica, as well as a fun 90's dance flair. Or at least I get these elements in a band like ASTR.

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All I have to say about these guys is that if the sophomore slump really is a problem these two have found a way to somehow how avoid. ARTR's newest EP "Homecoming" is on Soundcloud now, you can listen to it here. My personal favorite is the first song "Get So High". The leading vocals, Zoe Silverman, reminds me quite a bit of french songstress Kristen from "Kristen and the Kings". Silverman's voice is perfectly complemented by the electronic sound R and B pulsations of the album. (love this!!)

Another favorite is "Part of Me" along with bleeding love, both catchy pop-coated songs with a darker edge than most of the songs on their first album, Varsity. Band member Adam Pallin says that "Homecoming focuses on a dark nostalgia that Varsity touched on with a moody collection of songs about toxic love and broken dreams. This month ASTR will be touring with Ryn Wraver and Holychild.

Next, I checked out the soothing vibes of electronic pop trio, Night Beats and their new ep on Soundcloud: "Who Sold my Generation".

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The bands third album, entitled "Who Sold My Generation" is to be released in January 2016. Interestingly enough, the new album was created on an old two inch tape in Echo Park, LA. "Who Sold My Generation" diverges onto a different route than the standard garage-band, RnB feel of much of today's indie-rock. The band wrote the album to have a more contemporary sound with plenty of voodoo songs heading the record. Sunday Morning is great example of this. Check it out here.

I adore the nostalgic, crackling sound of this song. The electric guitar creates an awesome vintage sound mixed with the old-school vocals. These guys kind of remind me of a considerably more chill, punk-rock Beachboys pack. The guy's music is inspired by groups like "The Elevators" and "The Black Angels". They may be reminiscent of "The Black Keys" to you. If you're one to go after the vintage punk-ish rock sounds you'll love Night Beats. And if you happen to be in the Cali area around November 7th the band will be playing in San Francisco, they'll also be in Ontario, Canada on November 21st.

Last, but certainly not least came "The Suffers" a retro band with an eclectic repertoire of jazzy and RnB sounds mixed with outstanding vocals.

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Considered Houston Texas's "Next Big Thing", this band is quite a leap from the first two bands I covered, but none the less just as awesome. Well, these guys are more like fantastic actually. The ten piece ensemble have some pretty impressive credentials under their belts as well. This includes a recent appearance on the David Letterman show and well as a concert on NPR. There isn't really any doubt whether these guys are going somewhere, they already are. In fact, the band has performed over 150 shows across North America just this past year.

The groups latest single "Better" was just released on Noisy. Give it a listen here. The song is totally uplifting with rich instrumentation and stunning vocals. Describing themselves as "gulf-coast RnB" there really isn't anything musically that this 10-some can't tackle. With a new age retro sound there really aren't many bands playing today I can compare them to-they could've come straight out of the 70's, but with much better sound quality. The band's first album is self-titled and set to be released on February 12th 2016.

These days, it's so easy to discover the genres of music that are really most "you". Apps like Noisy and Soundcloud let you check out these awesome bands and their music for free. If you're a fan of the indie scene give ASTR, Night Beats and The Suffers, a listen. Indie bands produce some of the most creative music there is and they tend to have a knack for being better than what you hear on the radio 99.9% of the time. So be kind to your ears and check em out!

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