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Fall Top Knots with Civello Salon

Tuesday, November 03, 2015 Michelle Landriault

I visited Civello Salon at their Uptown/Lincoln park location over the week, and I think I found my new favorite spot! This Aveda powered Salon is dedicated to its customer base and learning everything there is to know about your hair. I was really impressed with the overall feel of the salon from the front desk staff, to the management, this place was a real class act. I didn't at all feel intimidated or out of place. I visited with Deron Edwards, the salons creative director, to achieve the perfect top knot for fall, and to test out some amazing Aveda dry shampoo. This just changed my life y'all!

I am a busy woman on the go, and I have to be honest washing my hair is NOT on my list of things to do. The more days I can get away with, the better.. so when I heard about this new Shampure dry shampoo I was ready for a new look. I took off for the city Friday morning with some 3 day old hair and a dream of some dry shampoo that wouldn't irritate me. As much as I love dry shampoo, I have issues with a lot of them. They either don't work, or they REALLY dry my hair out.

I was pleasantly surprised when Deron was explaining all the benefits of the Shampure dry shampoo, this thing is legit awesome guys. For one, I love love LOVE the smell, this is from the signature Aveda line and has a light and airy smell to it. This non-aerosol dry shampoo comes in 2 different forms, one gives you the option of just buying the refill which is $26.00 and better for the environment. Due to its innovating non-aerosol formula you also have a lot more control over what comes out of the bottle.

A few key points that are worth mentioning about the salon before I get into my top notch top knot :) I love that they have parking readily available for those of us with cars, and if the lot is full they also validate for the parking garage right next to the salon which is amazing. I love the friendly staff, I called them a couple times because I had a little trouble finding the location, and everyone I spoke with was so super nice. Being a plus size gal often times going into salons can be a tad intimidating, usually people kinda give you that side eye a bit... this place was NOTHING like that. The staff was also super knowledgeable about the Aveda products, and were very proud of what they were using to help you achieve the best look for you. 

Here are a couple tips from my new friend Deron on how to get that lovely Fall Top Knot! 

Top Knot – Step By Step
1. Apply a liberal amount of Shampure Dry Shampoo to the roots
2. Using a board bristle brush, brush the dry shampoo through to distribute. Continue brushing the hair back off the face.
3. Gather the hair into a ponytail on top of the head where desired. Secure with a clear elastic.
4. If needed add extra dry shampoo to the pony tail for soft grip and texture
5. Lift the pony tail and twist until the ponytail coils around itself into a knot.
6. Secure the knot to the base of the ponytail with hair pins.
7. Gently pull and massage the knot to loosen for a more casual look.
8. Finish with air control hair spray or control force for extra shine and hold.

He used mainly three products to help me achieve my look, as you can see from the step by step. The Shampure (which is linked above), this amazing smelling hairspray Aveda's Air Control spray which is light airy and smells AMAZING (did I mention it smells amazing), and this Control Force spray which is a firmer hold to help keep me in place all day long. I suggest giving these babies a try, you can create any look with them! 

If you are in the Chicagoland area this week you should stop by and check out this awesome little Bubbles and Beauty event at the North Ave. Salon. Check out their FB for more info! 

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